Unspoken Wor(l)d.

There is no such thing as a dream job, but there will always be a dream.

Bear with me. This is a story about myself. It is more of a journey rather than just a story. As I said, it’s about myself. Hopefully, by the end, you will get something out of it for yourself...


Why do we suck at events?


The Art of gathering

...And suddenly it made sense, all the gatherings, especially in an area where sometimes it can get tough, people come together to help each other. A high school graduate will need more resources to start university. A newlywed will have more expenses related to their wedding and establishing a new family. A funeral means the potential decrease in the family’s resources...

Introducing the Now I See Me Podcast

“Humans have an innate quality for pattern-finding, for trying to find meaning in things, for problem-solving and trying to find innovative solutions, to make our lives better. Ancient man saw patterns in the sky with clouds and stars, and the patterns he observed in life often became the beginnings of legends, religion, science and so much more. Mankind has always found ways to solve problems and improve on previous ways of doing things, altering their environment or “creating a better mousetrap”.

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