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We believe that acquiring new skills is essential to accelerate your team and retain your top talent.We are focused on transforming the learning experience by generating synergies between experimental training, novel experiences, nature-inspired venue, and enriching activities.

House of Ichigo is a catalyst for companies' growth and progress.

A Tribe-Led-Growth approach.

We empower and connect companies to accelerate their ideas and growth by building their brands on tribes of smart people — customers who are loyal users of their products, experts at the forefront of the sector, and employees who can take community insights and drive change.

We train and up-skill teams to help them redefine the way they communicate, connect, gather and innovate.

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Ichigo Company Retreats

We provide a customized experience that includes dedicated time for working, corporate training, team-building activities, and a unique gathering aiming to nurture your team's culture.

We are creating a transformational, fulfilling and memorable team retreat.

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Skills Accelerator Courses

The House of Ichigo has joined forces with the Ecole des Ponts Business School because we want to empower and connect people to accelerate their ideas and growth. We believe that there is a massive misallocation of human capital, and we're here to help people have more productive and fulfilling careers.

We designed a learning experience that is centered on four key ways of engaging, all designed to help you understand and retain new knowledge. In each lesson, you have the opportunity to see, try share, and reflect.

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Now I See Me Podcast

A conversation that will share beautiful stories from beautiful souls. We will talk about how hard they failed, how vulnerable they got and how happy they are, and they aspire to be.

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A tribe of inspiring leaders and innovators with access to a home, inspiring content, transformation gatherings, and endless professional & personal opportunities.

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A blog about personal experiences from our team and people we love and that we find inspiring. A selection of articles and interviews that will give you the inspiration you need.

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